LILIN releases Maintenance DeviceHub, DH032, & Device Cloud of device management for installers

Taiwan, New Taipei City, August 10, 2018–LILIN DeviceHub, DH032, can manage IP cameras and NVRs via LILINHub Apps and LILIN Device Cloud. LILIN device management cloud, Device Cloud, can receive recording status, online status, and operational status sent by LILIN DeviceHub. If there is an issue for an IP camera, installers are able to perform remote PoE power reboot for that IP camera via LILIN Web Smart PoE switch. This is to make sure that devices are in operation.

LILIN installers can manage LILIN network camera and NVR/DVR devices at the installation sites. The network devices are not managed after years, and the NVR/DVR devices do not record or the IP cameras get disconnected. The network devices maintenance information can be managed through LILIN Device Cloud and LILINHub Apps. LILINHub Apps also send push notifications for LILIN installers for device management purpose.

LILIN installers often receive their customers’ maintenance requests at their busiest time. With LILIN Device Cloud and LILINHub Apps, installers can immediately perform remote NVR/DVR hard disk recording analysis, camera SD card recording analysis, NVR/DVR device health analysis, and camera disconnection analysis. LILIN installers can immediately achieve the maintenance operation through the remote reboot mechanism, and the installers can arrange the technicians to go on sites later. LILIN installers are able to efficiently manage customer visits in a better way.

LILIN DeviceHub and device management cloud can be used for unmanned CCTV sites. The unmanned CCTV room with CCTV equipment installed is usually located at remote places. The installers sending people to maintain these devices are costly for labors and traveling. LILIN installers are able to utilize LILIN P2P NVR through 4G router for video, Navigator systems for central video management, and Navigator’s Google Map for installation sites’ video management. In the use of LILIN DeviceHub and Device Cloud, LILIN installers can use this platform to provide maintenance management services to get higher efficiency and to gain monthly recurrent revenue.

Mr. Steve Hu, Product Manager of LILIN, said: "We are very pleased to release LILIN DeviceHub and the Device Cloud to solve the problems of long-term unattended CCTV equipment by using Device Cloud and LILIN DeviceHub. No one knows that the NVR does not record, the camera gets disconnected, and CCTV devices are broken. These issues can be remotely managed through LILIN Device Cloud and LILINHub Apps. The most troublesome personnel dispatching issues including expensive traveling costs and maintenance operation of LILIN installers can be solved. LILIN Device Cloud, a device management service platform, provides extra recurrent revenue for LILIN installers by servicing device operation management for end users. The goal is to achieve a win-win situation between the installers and their customers. "

As for security concerns, LILIN Device Cloud communicates to LILIN DH032 DeviceHub by HTTPs protocol. LILIN Device Cloud at https// is also HTTPs based with the encrypted database for extra protection. LILIN DeviceHub apps are also HTTPs. LILIN DeviceHub is designed for providing secured IoT device maintenance management.

For the near future, LILIN will provide the integration of power SmartPlug for other non-PoE devices for supporting more IoT devices.


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