Central Monitoring

A central control room might equip with a large number of video channels for a complete monitoring system solution. Use PCs to decode H.264 videos for surveillance monitoring is evidently costly for both centralized TV Wall application and remote monitoring. LILIN is providing a cost-effective TV Wall application solution on 24” HDMI monitors via video decoders.


The Solution


LILIN Navigator software is able to stream videos up to a 36-channel view onto screen display. In addition, LILIN NAV1108 not only has the ability to display 36-channel view feature streaming onto four different screen monitors, but also NAV1108 can re-stream videos up to 108 monitors on a single channel view. The downside of 36-channel viewing capacity is practically too small in viewing size for viewers to see clearly even with a fairly large screen monitor; however, the good news is you can solve this particular issue with LILIN VD022video decoder.

Video Decoders at Central Control Room

LILIN video decoder is capable of displaying video in proportional screen size up to a 16-channel view. All decoders can be pre-programmed to specific requests based upon graphical locations; for example, a parking lot deployed for 40 surveillance cameras, and its TV Wall application can program & send commands from the 40 installed cameras to their corresponding video decoders for constant video view.

There are 2 recommended ways to install VD022s. The first method is by using RJ-45 wires so that video decoders are able to be mounted on the back of the monitors. The other method is BTE02S, video codec rack mount plate, can be used for installing VD022s in a rack cabinet and be connected to the monitors via HDMI cables. This further provides the flexibility for installing VD022s at different installation environments.

The Archtecture of Video Decoders at Control Room

LILIN decoders can receive streaming videos from NAV, IP cameras, and/or NVRs. Flexible system design allows all devices connected altogether via TCP/IP networking solution. In the control room, users can view or edit videos from a remote monitor by sending streaming videos into a remote decoder.

Video Display Deployed at Remote Locations

With no support from NAV PC to deploy surveillance videos, VD022 is capable of displaying videos from NVRs and/or IP cameras. Each video decoder can be pre-programmed to its NVRs and IP camera access station. Also, you can access and view live surveillance videos remotely from various locations such as guardhouses, managers’ offices, and control rooms. Furthermore, VD022 can remotely perform playback, backup, and monitor via NVRs, which do not need support from a PC.

VD022 only requires 18W on power consumption. Traditional PCs are replaced by LILIN VD022 – we LILIN save you big bucks on remote monitoring system!


VD022, an award-winning video decoder is designed specifically for remote video monitoring and centralized TV Wall applications. Easy-to-use is the core representation of VD022:


1. Multi-touch design allows operators to use the system easily.
2. No IP configuration is needed for system operation.
3. Via TCP/IP network for quick installation & easy deployment
4. 18W low power consumption results in saving cost to run the system.
5. Remote playback, backup, and live monitoring provide easy access to NVRs
6. No software license is required.


Compared with traditional analogue matrix system, LILIN video decoders provide a much more cost-effective solution on centralized monitoring system. With above-mentioned advantages, VD022 helps to transform your outdated analogue matrix systems into digital based matrix systems.

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