Low Bandwidth Mode

Industry: Low Bandwidth Mode

IP video management is now very commonly being used in many industries. It is likely to have a number of retail chain stores across country for a well-established retailer. MNCs (multinational corporations) oftentimes have branch offices across the world; banking industry, for example, is also holding many branches in hands. Since IP surveillance videos consume most bandwidth space and affect daily internal MIS system operations, therefore, video management has been becoming a huge challenge to send videos via Internet in low bandwidth condition.

The Solution

LILIN has introduced low bandwidth connection based NVRs at remote locations in order to solve the insufficient bandwidth issue. NVRs are deployed for the use of recording and video survillance viewing are controlled by operators from a remote site.

For headquarter centralized control on all branches, Navigator software can connect to NVRs via Low Bandwidth DVR/NVR Camera mode provided by LILIN, in which the video will perform and display an image in a few seconds based cycle rotation. The video is able to show an image in every few seconds in order for maintaining low bandwidth range, and this allows normal MIS daily operation activities at the same time. In addition, significant alarm and motion data information will still be sent to Navigator video management software through NVRs for headquarter central control center to pay special attention.

The Recordings

Low bandwidth mode still allows Navigator to do video recording. With Navigator low bandwidth mode feature, it can record an image in every few seconds and keep up with non-stop long-term based recording performance at headquarter central control center. The NVRs at remote sites can perform high-speed full HD recording performance, and also provide video recording feature for managers at local stores. When it is necessary, the NVR at headquarter central control center is still able to retrieve the history of recording videos from Navigator remote functions on playback and backup on demand.

There are more and more facilities chose using LILIN Navigator video management software system with its built-in low bandwidth mode to fulfill with their headquarter IP camera central control demand, as well as providing high speed and high resolution recording quality performances.

LILIN’s Navigator can manage 72 NVR3816  in maximum at one time. It is a well-rounded solution for a chain store video surveillance system at the headquarter central control center.

• Video surveillance system installation in large chain stores

• Video recording via low bandwidth network

• Good for multiple live video viewing members (no license required)

With LILIN low bandwidth Navigator video management system, retail chain stores, bank branches, and MNCs (multinational corporations) can adopt this cost-effective solution at low bandwidth environment.

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