20X Day & Night 1080P HD WDR Speed Dome IP Camera (Indoor)

Modèle:IPS5204 (EOL) / IPS5208 (EOL)


  • Zoom optique 20x (4,7 à 94mm)
  • Zoom numérique 12x
  • Compression vidéo en temps réel H.264 AVC/MPEG-4
  • Streaming vidéo multi-profil H.264 et Motion JPEG
  • Plage dynamique étendue
  • Réduction du bruit numérique
  • Fonction Sense up
  • Audio 2 voies
  • Onvif 

Description du fichier

The IPS5204 / IPS5208 is 1080P HD PTZ Dome IP camera. The high-speed domes are capable of streaming HD video at up to 30 FPS. Featuring LILIN’s Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature, the IPS5204 / IPS5208 captures highlights and shadows simultaneously, eliminating pixilation and smear. Combine this with 3D noise reduction technology and adaptive tone reproduction and the contrast of images in bright or dark areas is dramatically improved. Capable of making 360° continuous rotations with a speed range of 0.15°〜360° per second, users can accurately position the camera to identify specific targets. The 20x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom capacity give the IPS5204 / IPS5208 an impressive range.

With a focal length of 4.7-94mm and a compact design, the IPS5204 / IPS5208 is ideal for numerous applications. Further features include privacy zones, comprehensive scheduling, 2-way audio, weighted mode, digital PTZ, alarm activation by motion, audio detection, and 6 digital inputs.