• SR7428


    Taiwan, Taipei

    LILIN S series SR7428 1080P 60FPS HD Varifocal IR IP camera is capturing traffic flows.

  • ZR8022


    Taiwan, Taipei

    LILIN Taiwan headquarter office has installed a Day & Night 1080P HD Auto Focus IR IP Camera ZR8022 is good capturing 50 meters distance (proximity) to monitor its outdoor parking lot security.

  • MR8442


    Taiwan, Taipei

    4-megapixel HD Varifocal IR IP camera MR8442 was installed at LILIN headquarter office in Taipei, Taiwan to keep an eye on traffic flows and maintain general security on surrounding areas for as far as 70 meters distance of proximity.

  •  IPR 7334/8

    IPR 7334/8


    At LILIN Malaysia branch office, IPR7334/8 iMEGAPRO camera protects the parking area and front gate with 1080P image outputs.