License Plate Recognition Systems in C-16 Highway, Barcelona Spain

The Catalonian government (Concesión de la Generalita), Barcelona, Span, looks for traffic video control, automatic license plate recognition (ANPR), and video recording solution for managing the C-16 highway traffic in between Sant Cugat-Terrassa-Manresa.

There are total 62 license plate recognition(LPR) cameras and 44 traffic control cameras are installed along the highway.  Video signals have to be digitally transmitted via network to the control center for ANPR software recognition purpose.

The Challenge
For ANPR application, the biggest challenge was the recognition rate at night time. The IR range of the
analog cameras(front-end) should deliver as much as clear video for ANPR software (back-end).Furthermore, the ANPR system and video recording system should be integrated into the existing traffic control systems.

The Solution
PIH-8198 CCD cameras are used for solving low-light environment.  PIH-5880s, IR housings, are used for covering up to 60M IR range for clear license plate images. 

The video signals are then connected to VS012, video encoder, for network transmission.  For ANPR software, the systems have installed Axxon Software Intelligent Vision for ANPR. 

One of the other challenges is that the new ANPR system should be integrated into C-16 highway existing toll road and traffic control systems.  Axxon software provides extreme flexibilities integrated into existing highway toll road system and traffic control software to provide full automation.  

The Result
C-16 highway of the Catalonian government can now adopt ANPR system, traffic control system, toll road system, video management system , and video recording system that all systems can be integrated into Axxon Software. 

The System Installed
PIH-8198P * 106
PRH-5880 * 106
TV7X7513D lens * 106
Axxon Software Intelligent NVR * 5
Server PC * 1
Client PC * 2
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