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  LILIN Installer Project Support Program (LIP)

LILIN Installer Alliance Program (LIP) main focus is to assist our installer customers to finish their
IP-based installation projects. IP-based CCTV installation projects are highly dependent on product information and technical support from LILIN. More than thirty years of industry experience and strong sales channels around the world, we are now providing Installer Alliance Program to assist installers to serve our customers to meet their project requirements.

With LIP, LILIN's installer partners can benefit from:

   1. Product selection suggestions and training by LILIN’s branches and distributors
   2. Share your project reference at LILIN’s web site for marketing purpose
   3. On-line products, network bandwidth requirement, and storage recommendation report.

To start with LIP, please follow the following steps:

   1. Subscribe project information at Project Design Tool.
   2. Provide necessary contact information for our sales to contact with.
   3. After finish Project Detail Tool, please click Apply LIP.
   4. Email report of Project Design Tool is sent to you, LILIN branch office or LILIN's distributor.
   5. Our sales in the world will follow-up your project progress.

To share your successful IP project, please send email with the following information to sap@meritlilin.com.tw.

   ‧ The Brief
   ‧ The Challenge
   ‧ The Solution
   ‧ The Result
   ‧ The System Installed