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  4CH Real time Full D1 pure Hybrid NDR
  ▪ Full D1 real-time H.264 recording and playback
▪ Pure hybrid, IP camera or analog camera configurable for each channel
▪ Analog camera*4 or IP cameras*4 or Mxied *4
▪ HDMI compliant and VGA output at 1080P, built-in 3D intellectual motion adoptive refinement and vivid image enhancement engines.
▪ HTTP web-based interface including NDR configuration, PTZ control, playback, and live monitoring
▪ NDRs cascaded are allowed for controlling via TCP/IP network for easy-cabling confi guration
▪ Master and slave NDRs design allows distributed quick accessing tables for pre-programmed IP cameras and NDRs.
▪ 3G mobile phone solutions provided
▪ Resolution, frame rate, and video quality configurable for each channel
▪ WS-Discovery for quick IP setup of IP cameras and NDRs.
▪ LCD monitor backlight power saving design
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ManualFile SizeUpdated Date
CMG176 / 178600TVL D&N WDR Camera
PIH-817(WDR) / 815 / 819Super Hi-Resolution Day & Night Camera (Stop production)
PIH-802 / 804 / 808Day & Night Camera
PIH-602Color Camera
CMW12 / 15 SERIESWaterproof Vari-Focal Color Camera
CMW022 SERIESWaterproof Color Camera
CMG052×3535X Day&Night Super Hi-Resolution Camera Zoom Module (Stop production soon)
CMD172 / 176600TVL WDR Color Dome Camera
CMD072 / 076600 TVL WDR Color Dome Camera
CMD172X / 176X600TVL D&N WDR Vari-Focal Dome Camera
CMD072X / 076X600TVL D&N WDR Vari-Focal Dome Camera
CMD152 / 156Super-High Resolution Color Dome Camera
CMD052 / 056Super-High Resolution Color Dome Camera
CMD152X / 156XSuper-High Resolution Vari-Focal Dome Camera
CMD052X / 056XSuper-High Resolution Vari-Focal Dome Camera
PIH-204Dual Voltage Color Dome Camera
PIH-212 / 214Dual Voltage Varifocal Color Dome Camera
PIH-2222 / 2242Color Dome Camera
PIH-2226 / 2246Dual Voltage Varifocal Color Dome Camera
PIH-232X / 234XVandal Resistant Varifocal Camera
PIH-2342X / 2346XVandal Resistant Varifocal Day & Night Camera
PIH-242 / 244Mini Dome Camera
PIH-252 / 254Metal Mini Dome Camera
PIH-262 / 264Color Dome Camera
PIH-262X / 264XVarifocal Dome Camera
PIH-0012 / 004218M IR Camera
PIH-012 / 014Varifocal IR Camera
PIH-036X / 038XVarifocal IR Camera
PIH-042 / 044Mini Dome IR Camera
PIH-052 / 05421M IR Camera
PIH-062 / 06430M IR Camera
PIH-0742X / 0746XVandal Resistant Varifocal IR Dome Camera
CMR12 / 15 SeriesD/N Vari-Focal IR Camera
CMR22 / 25 SeriesD/N Vari-Focal IR Camera
CMR752XD/N Vari-Focal IR Camera
IPD552EXD&N Super Hi-Res. Vari-Focal Color Dome IP Camera
IPR454 / 458D/N Super Hi-Res. Vari-Focal Infrared IP Camera
IPS21212X Super High Resolution IR Fast Dome Camera Series
IPS31212X Day & Night Super High-Resolution Fast Dome IP Camera Series
IPS1254 / 1304 / 135425X / 30X / 35X High Resolution Day & Night Fast Dome Camera Series
IPS0254 / 0304 / 035425X / 30X / 35X Outdoor Super High Resolution Day & Night Fast Dome IP Camera Series
IPG012ESXHybrid D/N 720P CMOS HD IP Camera
IPD112ESXHybrid D/N 720P CMOS HD Vari-Focal Dome IP Camera
IPR312SXD/N 720P CMOS HD VR Dome IR IP Camera
IPR614ES / IPR618ESD/N 720P CMOS HD IR IP Camera
IPR414ESX / IPR418ESXHybrid D/N 720P CMOS HD Vari-Focal IR IP Camera
IPR712SD/N 720P CMOS HD IR IP Camera
CMX Software HD 3.2CMX Software HD 3.2
CMR352X / 356XD/N Vandal Resistant Vari-Focal IR Dome Camera
CMG152 / 156 / 158Day&Night Superhigh Resolution Camera
CMD2182 / 2186ATR 700TVL Color Dome Camera
CMD2182X / 2186XD/N ATR 700TVL Vari-Focal Dome Camera
CMD2082ATR 700TVL Color Mini Dome Camera
CMR7082 / 7084Day & Night ATR 700TVL IR Camera
CMR7082XDay & Night ATR 700TVL Vari-Focal IR Camera
CMR7284X / 7288XD/N ATR 700TVL Vari-Focal IR Camera
CMR7384X / 7388XDay & Night ATR 700TVL Vari-Focal IR Camera
CMR6082X / 6086XDay & Night Vandal Resistant 700TVL Vari-Focal IR Dome Camera
FirmwareFile SizeUpdated Date
NDR104 firmware 0.0.5022,468,4902012-09-25

SoftwareFile SizeUpdated Date
IPScan software (v.,614,3032012-08-16