Aida License Plate Recognition

The recognition rate can be as high as 99.6%: At high speeds and multiple lanes
Support multi-lane recognition: The license plate width must be greater than 100 pixels
Supports camera ultra-inclined installation angles: Depression angles up to 30 degrees downwards, up to 30 degrees left and right
Exclusive patent-license plate background filtering


Aida Traffic Flow Management

AI video recognition of multiple objects:Including pedestrians, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, container trucks, and VAN
Statistical charts: Provide real-time traffic vehicle route and violation statistics charts to effectively manage urban traffic
Alert notification: Detect queued vehicles and issue alert notifications when traffic is congested


Supported Features

Aida Parking Violation Solution

Accurate detection: Integrate AI vehicle detection system including tripwire and detection zone to accurately detect parking violations
Trigger by vehicle type: It can trigger the parking violation alarm according to the vehicle type within the settings of restricted zone and dwell time
Effective detection: Detect the license of the parking violations with snapshots and video support


Aida Traffic Violation

Accurate detection: It can detect traffic violations after being triggered by the vehicle type and the traffic light signal, such as running a red light, turning right at a red light, wrong-way driving, u-turn, and turn left
Violation detection: No u-turn and left turning violation detection
Violation detection of specific vehicle types: Warning trucks or trucks to enter the city center illegally


Parking Space Counting Solution

Real-time analysis: The number of parking spaces in the parking lot
Recognition by vehicle type: It can be recognized by vehicle type and count the parking space
Recognition area setting: support rectangle and four corners to move arbitrarily to circle the recognition area



People and Car Counting

Types of object counting: Object counting for vehicles and pedestrians
Traffic flow statistics: Traffic flow statistics are used for traffic flow control
Independent counting: One channel can support four detection zones to count in and out for different objects
Detect zone setting: Support rectangle and four corners adjustable zones
Cross-channel counting: Support 64 groups of cross-channel counting for objects and behaviors


Statistical Chart

Smart Medical-Mask Detection

Automated detection: through AI video analytics, an alarm notification is issued for people who are not wearing masks at entrances and exits
One-stop management: NAV real-time images integrate AI masks, face detection, capture alarm screens and trigger pre-recorded warning voices, etc.,
Support multiple functions: Including video playback, event search and video screenshots

Social Distancing

AI Detection:Use Aida technology for calculating people density.
Global Counters:Support global counters for counting people in a zone. There are four zones available of a camera for counting density.
Alarm notification:Alarm notification if a zone exceeds its density threshold.

Use Cases

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