The Issues

Traditional parking guides use one camera to shoot three parking spaces. The cost of installing cable guides and installing cameras is too high. LILIN uses AI and a 180-degree camera to detect 10 parking spaces through wall mounting.

|System Architecture

Fisheye wall mount camera solution for 10 parking spaces

Wide angle camera wall mount for two rows parking

License plate recognition at the gate

LILIN Navigator Control Center for site managements

LILINHome app for live video and two-way audio

|Fewer Cameras Needed

Use wide angle camera view with AI detection

No need for rails installation, labor saving

Works for outdoor and indoor parking installations

F2R3682IM fisheye camera & Z2R8822AX wide angle camera

|LED Parking Guidance


Use AI to detect # of vehicles

Use LED display for parking guidance

Space = # of space – vehicle detected


Support denial and allowed lists for gate automation

Wide angle AI number plate recognition

Integrated solutions for ANPR and parking guidance


Provide the integration of vehicle locating system

|LILINHome App for Remote Monitoring

Use LILIN door station IPC0522 for two-way audio

Use LILINHome app for gate opening, live view, and audio

Remote video playback and search

|PoE IO Box Integration

Manually adjust for the counting of LED parking spaces

Flexible IO integration and installation

Allowed list and white list gate opening integration

Parking lights integration via relay outputs

How to Manage

VMS Software for Managing Thousands of Parking Sites

|Navigator Control Center

Remote parking sites video management

Two-way audio integration for LILIN door station

Remote gate opening with video verification

What to Buy

AI Parking Guidance | Number Plate Recognition | VMS Video Management| IO Box | Door Station

Who Can Use

Parking Management | Casino Parking| Airport Parking | Hospital Parking