How it works

LILIN device cloud provides secure HTTPs communication that Alexa Echo Dot can voice control LILIN NVR or camera via LILIN Device Hub

Take a First Look

Control everything with your voice.

Features via Alexa Echo Dot

  • Open and check the garage doors connected by a camera via Alexa
  • Turn on and off the garden light connected by a camera via Alexa
  • Control an NVR for playback or switch channels via Alexa
  • Check and play NVR motion activities last night via Alexa
  • Control a PTZ camera for presets and patrol
  • Check device healthy status via Alexa

Light Control Via Alexa Echo

  • Turn the front light on
  • Turn the front light off
  • Is the front light off

Garage Control via Alexa Echo

  • Open my garage door
  • Close my garage door
  • Is my garden gate closed

NVR Control via Alexa Echo

  • Play NVR video 2:00AM last night
  • Switch to channel #2
  • Switch to 16 view
  • Is there motion activities last night
  • Is my NVR healthy
  • Fast forward NVR

Cloud Management for Alexa

  • Centralized client sites management with AWS redundancy
  • Device group management for Alexa Echo
  • HTTPs communication and encrypted database on Device Cloud
  • Alexa communication diagnose via LILIN Device Cloud

LILIN DeviceHub

  • Auto scan your network IP cameras and NVRs
  • Auto update to LILIN Device Cloud from client sites
  • Plug-n-play, no P2P, no port forwarding
  • Secured HTTPs communication for Alexa, LILIN Cloud and DeviceHub