Build Your Own YOLO AI Camera

No more servers, take it to the Edge

LILIN AI Developer Program

Who Can Apply

Build your own YOLO AI camera

If you want to train your own AI model via YOLO without writing a code, we provide full documents for achieving the goal. You are able to use built-in behaviors, email notifications & HTTP/HTTPs posts of the AI camera for your application. Visit Self+AI cloud. Visit tutorial.

Python, C#, or PHP system developer

If you are a system developer for interfacing video and metadata of LILIN's AI model from AI camera to your VMS, cloud, or App, wish to provide automation or notification for your needs. Visit RTSP with bounding box display SDK.

LPKG & C/C++ developer

If you are a C/C++ developer, you would like to develop your own apps such as YouTube streamer, facial recognition app, MQTT, or any other application on LILIN camera. You have Ambarella or NovaTek tool-chain in hand but look for a camera for your creative applications. You are able to develop your own app running on Linux via LPKG interface. Visit LPKG documents .

How to Apply

Apply for LILIN AIDev Program

It’s simple: tell us about your AI idea and provide:

  Company name
  Allow us to use your logo
  Type of business
  Short description of your company
  Contact name and email information
  Company website


A software system design expert for AI SoC can provide professional AI consultancies & solutions for helping your business including:

Years of Experience
AI SoC Experience

What Could I Achieve

What to Buy

LILIN 4K edge AI cameras

LILIN AI cameras are NDAA compliant.

Ambarella CV22 and NovaTek GPU built-in in the camera

Self-AI Yolo camera & the manual

Find more information regarding the 7 series AI cameras .

and 6 series AI cameras .

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

Q: Is this camera truly SoC built-in GPU edge AI camera solution?
A: Yes, this program is based on Ambarella and NovaTek SoCs AI camera without interfacing AI chip.

Q: Can only software developers applying this program?
A: Yes, you are required to have software programming skills.

Q: Can we apply for non-AI application if we have SoC vendor's tool-chain?
A: Yes, please sign up NDA with LILIN and contact SoC vendor for tool-chain.

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Technical support

About LILIN AIDev Program

Find support from LILIN Zendesk or LILIN OpenGitHub

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