Industry: Banking
The banking industry normally requires longer video recording periods of up to 6 months. Highly secured data storage with hot swappable RAID support is a must. Dual power supply and dual video reorders are also highly recommended for such system. Speaking of selection on cameras, PTZ, IR, and vandal resistant types of cameras are the ones perfectly for bank projects.

The Solution
LILIN’s HD IP camera technology is offering high resolution and unbeatable quality compared to traditional analog cameras. With the full HD quality of the Pro series line, minor details in the video footage can be observed clearly.

Recommended Camera Models

The IPR6122X weather-proof IR camera can be used at both indoor and outdoor environments without any lighting support.
LILIN’s IPD6122X vandal resistant camera with its built-in MIC is able to record audio and videos simultaneously.
LILIN’s IPD6222 can work under minimum low lighting color mode. With Sense Up+ technology, IPD6222 camera can work at 0.27 lux without motion blur. This is an ideal camera product for places such as the lobby area in a bank so that videos can be surely captured fully even in poor lighting environments.
All Pro series cameras have PoE built-in for easy installation.

ATM Application

LILIN’s Pro camera series provides outstanding quality of videos at a high compression rate and 3Mbps bandwidth at 30FPS. The NVR100L can support up to 6TB of storage space and provide 6 months of 1080P recording on two cameras running at 16FPS. When compared with traditional PC-based NVRs, this embedded system provides extraordinary overall system performance. The compact and vandal-resistant designs of IPD6122 are perfect to be well-utilized inside ATM machine.

Branch Application
LILIN’s NAV1072 has a built-in hardware RAID controller for fast HDD swapping and data recoveries, they are considered as crucial tasks in the banking industry. Also, NAV1072 provides dual-power inputs that can distribute the power source for safer power management. With two-monitor outputs, the NAV1072 can be used to configure a TV Wall application. Dual-streaming technology allows the system unit to record up to 72 channels of 1080P resolution in real-time.

In the case of branch management application, a remote monitor is required for NVRs, DVRs, IP cameras, as well as LILIN VD022 full HD video decoder to be used. The VD022 can decode up to 16 channels of videos – acting as a video matrix. IP addresses of NVRs, DVRs, and IP cameras being imported via “One Button IP Configuration” in which complicated system configuration is not needed here. There are various ways provided to users to control NVRs, DVRs, and IP cameras; for example, a remote control, a computer mouse, or a touch-screen monitor. This gives users the most flexibility when operating the surveillance system.

Application for Headquarter

LILIN’s NAV1108 is ideal for headquarter centralized control system usage. If NVRs are used in one of the branches, the video can be transmitted via Internet at D1 resolution for the headquarter control system to view or monitor. As long as branches’ control system and headquarter central control system both adopt Navigator software (central video management software), users across the boards are able to base their current Internet bandwidth availability to choose either full HD or D1 streaming mode to load videos. On the other hand, if the bandwidth space is too low, the Navigator software will change to “Low Bandwidth Mode,” which a snapshot of video footage is being taken every second from all the installed cameras at each branch site.

LILIN is providing a complete solution from top to bottom for banking industry. Highly secured data storage with hot swappable RAID support ensures to deliver topnotch video quality at all times. With dual-power inputs, TV Wall software application, and low bandwidth mode feature can greatly create a dependable and cost-effective surveillance system solution in uses of bank headquarter surveillance central control and micro monitoring in all bank branches.

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