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Privacy Policy

LILIN is committed to protecting your online privacy. We have designed our website and IP surveillance solution in a way that will enable you to visit and access most of the available information and material without having to submit any personal data unless you choose to. However, in order to get access to some of LILIN’ services, it will be necessary for you to provide personal data on certain areas of the website.

This privacy policy clearly explains the data collected and the scope it may be applied. It is only applied to this website and not applied to other related website links, products and services of the subsidiary of LILIN. Please do glance over the complete privacy policy. LILIN and its subsidiaries may share the personal data with each other and use it consistent with this privacy policy.

What Information We Collect

We will not collect any personal information if you only glance over this website or download the files. This website will record certain information, including IP address of the computer, browser type, operating system, domain’s name, connection time and website users check, when users glance over the website or inquire about the software. These collected information will be used for the managing the website flow, analyzing how the website is used for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing overall performance of the website and quality of the service. This website is merely used for analyzing all users’ behavior instead of the single user’s behavior.

We collect personal data mostly when we need to identify users’ identity or contact with users. Generally, we will require users to register their personal information when they register/ log-in the website itself to further use, enquiry about, purchase or register products or service. The personal information LILIN asked for include but not limited to the e-mail address, account name and password. If necessary, it may include other information we ask for to meet the service users ask for. We may also collect the information regarding which subpage of the website most users click on. However, we will not disclose your personal information if you don’t agree on it.

How We Use the Information We Collect

We will use personal information of users for the following purposes:

Personal information of users may be stored or processed in LILIN Taiwan, branch offices or regional agents in other countries. Once you use the website, you agree to send the information collected all over other places.

Manage Users’ Information with Care

When users register or provide personal information, LILIN will never provide the information to the third party except for some exceptional circumstances.

Guard Users’ Information

LILIN is committed to protecting the safety of personal information by means of safe technology and process to avoid the information being accessed, used or disclosed without unauthorized permission.

How We Use Cookies

When users visit the website, the computer will be installed with “cookies” (only if users accept cookie).

If users had visited the website, we will be able obtain and read cookies. Cookies enable the websites to store certain user information on your computer in order for us to customize your experience when accessing the sites. We may also collect the information about how users click on the link of the e-newsletter from cookies. The information makes sure that the website provides what users really need to read. These data will be collected by means of total statistics and will not be linked with personal information.


We reserve the rights to revise this policy from time to time, and will post the most current version on our website.