LILIN deploys the smart image analysis market! The AI smart applications experience center is newly completed In-depth displays of diverse application

Taipei, Taiwan — September 1, 2020 —

LILIN, a global leading manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices, and software, take technology as a development goal and has more than 40 years of experience. In recent years, LILIN has been actively deploying the smart image analysis market. In addition to independent research and development of AI products combined with deep learning technology, it also strengthens security management to create comprehensive AI smart solutions. This year, in order to strengthen the soft and hard power of the brand, LILIN established the AI smart application experience center to help customers better understand LILIN AI solutions.

LILIN’s new AI Smart application experience center integrates the core value of brands, emphasizing the three elements of innovation, all-round and high quality, and in-depth displaying 3 AI smart solutions including smart transportation, smart health, and smart access control. Besides, with LILIN’s precise facial recognition and license plate recognition technology, it can effectively help the government, enterprise, and private units realize smart security life.

Alleviating vehicular congestion through LILIN real-time AI analysis and monitoring.

The LILIN AI Smart application experience center shows the classification of the object and license plate developed by the LILIN AI system. LILIN license plate recognition achieves 99.6% percent accuracy— even at the high speed and multiple lanes, it can keep high accuracy. It also supports wide recognition angle, multinational license plate recognition, and multi-color license plate recognition. Furthermore, the LILIN AI system provides various smart traffic solutions such as traffic flow management, parking violation management, traffic violation management, parking space counting, and people and car counting for premises capacity, helping the the government effectively mitigate vehicular congestion problems.

Traffic flow management: By utilizing AI technology, LILIN Aida software can detect multiple objects including pedestrians, bicycles, cars, motorbike, bus, and providing real-time traffic vehicle behavior statistics charts to effectively improve city traffic.

Parking violation management: Integrate the AI vehicle detection system and the alert area to accurately detect parking violations and instantly provide snapshots and recordings.

Traffic violation management: LILIN Aida intelligent traffic management can immediately warn traffic violations such as running red traffic lights and wrong way detection, turn left and right violations, helping the government to enforce the law.

Parking space counting: Effectively analyze the number of parking spaces in each area.

People and car counting for premises’ capacity: precisely analyze the capacity of humans and cars in a premises area.

Photo 1: LILIN Aida detection system precisely detects turn left traffic flow and instantly notifies the bureau’s central monitoring center to do traffic flow management.

Photo 2: LILIN Aida detection system effectively analyzes the capacity of humans and cars in a premises area.

LILIN Aida system helps fight the pandemic.

The LILIN AI smart application experience center shows 3 pandemic solutions created by the LIILN Aida system. The first is a temperature measurement solution that can help detect a person who has a high body temperature. High-precision, binocular infrared webcams provide the raw data enabling the system to identify and track high-temperature objects in real-time. The second solution is the Aida mask-detection system, which relies on AI image analysis technology to identify when people are not wearing masks. The system can be used to enforce strict mask-wearing rules and help with access control to prevent disease-prevention lapses. The third one is social distancing solution, the AI detection system is used to detect the number and density of people in the area, and if the distance between people is too close, an alarm will be issued immediately. LILIN is working hand-in-hand with authorities and the public to fight the pandemic, using the latest AI advances to optimize disease prevention and fight the virus.

Photo 3: LILIN temperature measurement solution with binocular infrared webcams to identify and track high-temperature objects in real-time.

Photo 4: LILIN social distancing solution detects the number of people and density in a specific area and issues the alert notification in real-time.

Security upgrade! LILIN AI access control integrates facial recognition, electronic graphic control, and fire-fighting linkage system

The LILIN AI Smart application experience center displays the access control system that can support POE and traditional door equipment. Both single door and 8 doors can be controlled, and it also integrates a fire-fighting linkage system. Once a fire accident occurs, it can immediately send an alarm notification through e-map. LILIN access control system with LILIN facial recognition, it not only supports a wide recognition angle and up to 10,000-faces, but can also be performed by searching face by face. In addition to the access control system that meets the office fields, LILIN also displays the QR code access control system that can be used in Airbnb and tourism industry. LILIN also displays the SIP two-way voice and video equipment. When the SIP telephone is connecting or making a call, people can still see the monitor screen, grasping every monitor moment.

Photo 5: LILIN access control system supports POE and traditional door equipment and integrates facial recognition, electronic graphic control, and fire-fighting linkage system.

Photo 6: LILIN QR code access control can directly access in without key or company badge.

Photo 7: LILIN SIP tow-way voice and video equipment with LILIN TV wall help people still see the monitor screen when the SIP phone is connecting or making a call.

Recently, LILIN is more actively developing in the AI analysis market and expecting to help global government, schools, enterprises to create a more intelligent living environment through smart security in various fields such as transportation, smart public, and health. Through continued efforts, LILIN will provide a more comprehensive smart security solution for government and global customers in the future.


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