LILIN adopts Micron's surveillance-grade edge storage microSD card solution

Source: LILIN│Date: March 16th, 2020│News release

The IP video surveillance market continues to expand rapidly in multiple vertical solutions, driving the demand for high­performance and highly stable image storage. With the strong market demand, addingmore video analysis and AI intelligence capabilities to surveillance cameras, it has made the camera's high-­stability, high-­capacity storage requirements continue growing.

As a leader of IP video surveillance, LILIN is conscious of this demand and has adopted Micron ’s latest ultra­-high-­capacity microSD card, a surveillance-­grade edge storage microSD card solution with 1TB, 256GB and 512GB capacity that specifically designed for professional video surveillance solutions.

The smaller size provides greater capacity, providing effective edge storage solutions, improving design flexibility, optimizing system resources and overall cost. Micron ’s microSD card ’s design and firmware are optimized to provide a stable, complete, and low-­maintenance system to ensure continuous recording. LILIN uses high-­quality and professionally surveillance microSD cards to respond market demands and provide the industry the best quality solution.