LILIN IP CAM video surveillance system obtains Cyber security accreditation. Adhering to cyber security protection for the public.

Taipei, Taiwan — December 04, 2020 —

With the rapid development of IoT technology, remote work and teaching have become a new normal style in the post-epidemic ear. Although it saves space and time, there is a risk of an information breach. In order to enhance the public’s awareness of cyber security and promote the vigorous development of IoT technology, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and National Communications Commission (NCC) held the “IoT & Cyber security conference” on December 1, inviting LILIN, a global manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices, and software that has been certified by cyber security standard this year to participate in the event and share the viewpoints on cyber security with other award-winning manufacturer.
Photo1: Ministry of Economic Affairs and National Communications Commission (NCC) held the “IoT & Cyber security conference”, inviting LILIN and other award-winning vendors to participate in together.

“LILIN has been working in Taiwan for more than 40 years and is completed dedicated to research video surveillance system. It has been awarded Cyber security standard certification for 2 consecutive years. In recent years, LILIN has been actively deploying the smart image analysis market. In addition to independent research and development of AI products combined with deep learning technology, it also strengthens security management to create comprehensive AI smart solutions.” Jack, Wu, LILIN’s project manager said.

Photo2: LILIN IP CAM video surveillance system obtains cyber security accreditation. Jack Wu, LILIN’s project manager represents LILIN to receive the award.

In addition to the release of 4 cyber security standards and test specifications such as "air quality micro-sensing devices, consumer webcams, smartphone system built-in software, smart speakers, etc." at the event site, it displayed the qualified products as well. Besides, LILIN not only introduces award-winning cameras in its booth, but also shares the classification of the object and various AI vertical applications deployed by LILIN AI system, such as license plated recognition, mask, fire detection, and traffic management solution, including traffic flow management, parking violation management, traffic violation management, parking space counting, and people and car counting for premises

Photo3: Additionally, LILIN displays the award-winning cameras, it also shows various AI applications deployed by LILIN Aida technology, such as smart traffic solution and mask detection in the LILIN’s booth.

LILIN is more actively developing in the AI analysis market and expecting to help global government, schools, enterprises to create a more intelligent living environment through smart security in various fields such as transportation, smart public, and health. Through continued efforts, LILIN will provide a more comprehensive smart security solution for government and global customers in the future.


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