LILIN IVS 2.2 is your best helper! Provide high-definition images and integrate human and vehicle detection.

STARVIS Sensor Both 2 and 3 series cameras feature a Sony STARVIS sensor, which uses back-illuminated pixel technology to provide clear, high-quality color images in low light environments.

Even in well-lit areas with multiple light sources, STARVIS cameras can provide a clearer image than their non-STARVIS counterparts, and adapt to light and weather conditions. Eliminate false alarms with the introduction of IVS 2.2, which offers both Human and Vehicle detection capabilities for our 2 and 3 series cameras. Use these detections independently or simultaneously to refine motion alarms.

IVS 2.2 can be configured in multiple ways, providing the client with plenty of flexibility to customize the solution to their requirements. Refine and reduce the frequency of motion alarms to specific scenarios. Impose further limits on when an alarm is received, by using lines to create a zone in your scene or with your home automation system to only receive notifications between scheduled times.

Human Detection

Refine your CCTV alarms with Human detection on IVS 2.2: Say ‘good-bye’ to false motion alarms caused by spider-webs, animals, moving trees or rain with IVS 2.2. With human detection turned on, your camera will only tag and create an alarm upon detecting a human moving through the scene.

Only receive push notifications at scheduled times - a person approaching your front door in the day might not need to trigger an alarm- it could just be the postman but you might want to be notified if there is someone at your door in the early hours of the morning.

Review your events with our new LILINHome app, featuring a new, user friendly GUI. Add IVS 2.2 to any P2, Z2, or P3 camera at time of purchase- just ask your LILIN sales rep!

Vehicle Detection

Detect moving vehicles in a scene with IVS 2.2!

IVS 2.2’s Vehicle Detection will only tag moving vehicles- preventing any false alarms being caused by parked or stationary cars. Use additional Tripwire lines to create an alarm zone in your scene to further refine alerts, and even trigger reactions from your control system- for example, turn on an outdoor light for cars detected between 8 PM-7 AM.

Identifications are tagged as motion events for easy review of footage via our new app, LILINHome, which has an updated, user-friendly GUI and multi-channel playback. Scan this QR code to watch a series of videos showing IVS 2.2’s Vehicle Detection working in realistic installation environments.


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