LILIN advances 2021 Smart City Summit & Expo

Taipei, Taiwan — March 23, 2021 —

The largest Internet of Things (IoT) exhibition “2021 Smart City Summit & Expo” in Asia will be on stage from Mar.23 - Mar.26. LILIN, a global leading manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices, and software, will showcase the latest AI multi-application in the “IoT Surveillance” area (booth number #Q402). There are three major scenario themes on the side, namely “A series of AI cameras”, “Diverse intelligent applications” and “AI customized service.” With an exclusive AI Aida algorithm, smart logic functions, and a series of monitoring equipment, LILIN has created AI applications in all domains. In-depth develops smart city and smart traffic solutions.

LILIN debuts a series of AI cameras for the first time on the show. Through the newly developed AI cameras, image recognition can be recognized directly from the edge side and transmitted the result to the back-end platform, which can significantly reduce the burden of traditional centralized or cloud computing. Furthermore, the identification can directly output through edge computing technology, reducing the delay issue and operation cost. As a result, this way can be deployed in various fields, and it will help private enterprises or government units to accelerate the implementation of smart applications.

Except for displaying the series of AI cameras, LILIN also created comprehensive AI solutions, such as smart access control, smart traffic, and smart people and car counting. Among them, smart cities and transportation are some of the development priorities of LILIN in recent years. LILIN Aida software can detect vehicles and pedestrians, providing counting and stay time detection. AIDA also provides traffic issue solutions including parking violation detection, queuing detection, average speed detection via LILIN VMS, and traffic statistics management. Besides, it not only can Integrate the AI vehicle detection system and the alert area to trigger recording, send snapshots with ANPR when violations are detected but also can effectively analyze the capacity of humans and cars in a premises area and provide traffic flow statistics for the control of traffic signals.

In order to accelerate industrial upgrading, transformation, and connecting international integration. LILIN has created an “AI customized service” as well. With LILIN exclusive AI algorithms and smart logic functions, it not only provides different identification and detection in various areas, but also creates exclusive operation interface, output report, or integrate with other systems according to customer requirements, such as access control and fire system. Through continued efforts, LILIN targets to provide a full range of AI solutions for enterprises, governments, and private organizations to effectively help customers realize multiple AI applications in the future.

LILIN will host a webinar titled “AI Aida system x LILIN cameras equipment
Empowering Smart City Applications” on Mar 24, further describing the many use cases enabled through the new LILIN’s offering. For detailed event information and a registration link, please visit:

LILIN is a global manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices, and software. The company adheres to a time-tested philosophy of Creativity, Progress, & Excellence. LILIN's spectrum of cameras and servers provide network surveillance solutions for almost any application. Established in Taipei, Taiwan 4 decades ago, the company now has 10 branches, over 380 company personnel worldwide. LILIN is proud to have strong relationships with over 50 valued software and integration partners and is recognized as the first camera company to become ONVIF-conformant. For more information, please visit the below link.

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