4CH Real time Full D1 pure Hybrid NDR



  • Full D1 real-time H.264 recording and playback
  • Pure hybrid, IP camera or analog camera configurable for each channel
  • Analog camera × 4 or IP cameras × 4 or Mxied × 4
  • HTTP web-based interface including NDR configuration, PTZ control, playback, and live monitoring
  • NDRs cascaded are allowed for controlling via TCP/IP network for easy-cabling confi guration
  • Master and slave NDRs design allows distributed quick accessing tables for pre-programmed IP cameras and NDRs.
  • 3G mobile phone solutions provided
  • Resolution, frame rate, and video quality configurable for each channel
  • WS-Discovery for quick IP setup of IP cameras and NDRs.
  • LCD monitor backlight power saving design