NAV Client (Discontinue)

Model:Navigator Client (Discontinue)


  • Views multiple NAV servers
  • Centralized view groups management up to 36 channels per group
  • Pre-configured video groups for user login
  • Remote multiple-channels playback and backup
  • Remote device management in Navigator servers


Navigator Client is a Windows based application for managing cameras of LILIN Navigator Enterprise servers, NVRs, and DVRs. Major features such as remote live monitoring, remote video playback, remote video backup, remove device status report, PTZ control, and user authentication are supported in Navigator Client.

Navigator Control Center is the server management software to manage Navigator Corporate servers, NVRs/DVRs, and IP cameras with Navigator Corporate servers. The differences of Navigator Corporate and Enterprise are: Navigator Enterprise is operated as a standalone recording device, whereas Navigator Corporate can communicate with user database, event information, and device database among Navigator Corporate servers. Navigator Control Center is capable of managing Navigator Corporate servers.