Navigator Software 3.0

Model:NAV Corporate


Navigator 3.0 Corporate

  • Manage and record 108 IP cameras per station
  • Integrated alarm management for various alarm outputs
  • User-friendly UI and TV Wall application are supported
  • 64bits program
  • ONVIF Profiles S compliant
  • System redundancy 
  • Advanced alarm scheduling & logic
  • Hierarchical control center to manage multiple stations
  • Central alarm management with TV wall and eMap
  • Support 4K UHD camera, 120FPS camera
  • Support corridor mode and panoramic cameras
  • Support web client
  • iPhone, iPad & Android support
  • Perfect software for security checkpoints of corporate group to perform flawless remote monitoring

  • LILIN NVR/DVR HDD Compatible List

  • Description

    Navigator 3.0 Corporate

    LILIN VMS software – Navigator 3.0 Corporate records and manages up to 108 cameras of H.265/H.264/MJPEG HD IP cameras or DVR's / NVR’s cameras. It can also support up to 108 channels IP cameras on multiple monitors for TV Wall application. Navigator 3.0 Corporate supports NAV Control Center, which includes NVR P2P, centralized user management, centralized alarm management, centralized device management, eMap center and Mosaic TVWall. To raise awareness on the situation of the environment, it is highly recommended to install Navigator 3.0 Corporate at security managers' office and security control command center.