Indoor Scanner

Model:PIH-305S (EOL)


  • Input Voltage: 24/ 117/ 230Vac
  • Pan Speed: 6°/sec
  • Pan Travel: 355°,Adjustable limit stops
  • Tilt Speed: 4°/sec
  • Tilt Travel: 90°
  • Maximum Load: 7Kg
  • Duty Cycle: Pan - continuous
  • Seals: Dust-proof Gasket seals

Discontinued date

  • 2018.06.30


This PIH-305 scanner is designed to operate indoors with load weighing up to 15.41b (7kg) respectively. Proper performance depends on secure fastening to a suitable mounting surface with the camera correctly mounted and balanced on the unit. Round-base units is installed directly on the PIH-5003 mounting bracket. Scanner mounting screws should be tightened only enough to prevent the base from moving on the mounting surface.