LILIN IMU Shock-proof Camera Honored with Taiwan Excellence 2024

利凌防振車牌辨識攝影機,榮獲 2024 年台灣精品獎!

This product is unique in the market, featuring 4K resolution, AI capabilities, and IMU vibration resistance while automatically tracking objects. It finds typical applications in land-based vehicles. For instance, when a police car is in motion, vibrations can affect image clarity. IMU Camera, with its hardware and software anti-vibration features, maintains and preserves a clear 4K high-resolution image. Not only performs license plate recognition directly on the camera but also integrates with backend applications (such as law enforcement systems) without needing an additional host, making technology-driven law enforcement more flexible and efficient.

利凌企業的座右銘,是「創新、進步、製造市場機會」,在即將邁入 2024 年的今天,得到了極好的驗證。

利凌自行研發的防振型 4K 車牌辨識攝影機,獲選為 2024 年台灣精品!是繼 2023 年 ISC West 美西安防展大獎後得到的第二個國際型獎項。

本產品為市場上少見的:同時俱備 4K 解析度、AI 機能及 IMU 抗振機能的可自動追蹤物件的高倍數光學變焦攝影機,典型應用場景為陸上之交通工具。比如警車在移動時,容易因為振動而影響影像的清晰度,本產品可透過軟硬體抗振機能維持及保存 4K 高解析度的清晰影像,並且直接在攝影機上成功進行車牌辨識、串接後端應用(如警政開單系統),完全不需要透過額外的主機,可讓科技執法的架構更靈活簡潔。

坊間之車牌辨識攝影機,因為缺乏抗振機能,容易產出模糊的影像而影響辨識結果,而且需要搭配額外的電腦主機來進行辨識工作。利凌 IMU 抗振攝影機可獨立運作,不需要電腦就能完成影像記錄、車牌辨識、以及後端資料的串接,降低維護及部署的困難程度,減少故障變因,也能幫助營運單位更有效的控管成本。

Conventional license plate recognition cameras in the market lack vibration resistance, resulting in blurry images that affect recognition results. Additionally, they require an external computer host for such heavy tasks. LILIN's IMU anti-vibration camera operates independently and individually complete image recording, license plate recognition, and backend data integration without a computer. This reduces the complexity of maintenance and deployment, minimizes potential failure factors, and helps operating units manage costs more effectively.

Apart from identifying general and special license plates of various countries and colors, this camera is compatible with LILIN's "Self Yolo" model conversion. Users can upload their AI object models to the camera to recognize different object types, such as pedestrians, expanding the camera's application range. Beyond recognition, another exceptional feature of this camera is "behavior detection." Which distinguish actions such as running red lights, not yielding to pedestrians, and making illegal right turns.

除了可以辨識各國、各種顏色的一般車牌及特殊車牌,此攝影機還相容於利凌「Self Yolo」轉換雲,使用者可自行上傳自有的 AI 物件模型到攝影機裡,來辨識不同的物件類型,比如行人,擴大攝影機的應用範圍。「辨識」機能之外,「行為偵測」是此攝影機的另一個特異功能,比如闖紅燈、不停讓行人、違規右轉等等,都靠攝影機就能辨別。

LILIN is committed to applying its products to meet actual market demands. The solutions have gained recognition from industry, government, and academia. Global partners highly trust them, and LILIN receives high volumes of product inquiries.


"LILIN rarely makes 'sudden' decisions, whether product development or competition participation. Our determinations are based on market trends and countless customer feedback," emphasized Hsu Cheng-Chung, General Manager of LILIN. He added, "Being selected as a Taiwan Excellence winner highlights our determination to operate in the global market aggressively and actively."


利凌防振型 4K 車牌辨識攝影機為系列產品,可依機能細分為不同型號,詳情可參考:

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