Huper Laboratories

Huper Laboratories (known as HuperLab), a professional video surveillance solution provider, and a technology innovator on computer vision, video/audio codec and streaming technology, huperLab offers a wide range of PC-based surveillance systems with full-featured video analytics, and superior video quality based on huperVision 4000 Series. Recently, huperLab further leads computer vision to 3D field focusing on exclusive 3D video analysis technology along with a state-of-the-art stereo camera.

廠商軟體版本 1.56.2011.1208 測試日期 2012/6/24 作業系統 Win
串流 H.264 JPEG FPS Bitrate 聲音 輸入 輸出 PTZ功能 支援
LILIN產品韌體版本 iMEGAPRO (1.4.59)
L 系列 (1.4.59)
IP 快速球 & Server (2.0.14)
S Series (1.3.53_7)
Ultra Series (1.3.53_7)
D1 攝影機 ( 0.3.80 )