A combination of vision, values, unique marketing and advanced technology transformed HED Cinema from a young and ambitious company started in 1998 to its current form: a dynamic company which initiates and manages numerous projects in Israel and abroad and constantly advances its expertise and experience. HED Cinema is a client-oriented organization that considers the clients its main asset. In accordance, HED Cinema adapts to the changing needs of its clients to whom it tailors its products and services. As a stable and unified company of quality people who share similar values and believe in true team work, HED Cinema employees created a unique organizational culture that serves as basis in all the company’s functions. This culture serves as the organizational compass of HED Cinema during its existence. The constant drive for excellence led HED Cinema to develop innovative tools, management approach and construction methods. Combined, they allow HED Cinema to meet the high standards demanded by its managers, to manage and execute its projects with high quality and deliver on time. HED Cinema balances the future vision and clear objectives with the constant need to update and adapt those objectives to the changing reality. These capabilities made HED Cinema the leading company in Israel’s smart homes and integration scene. Innovation and persistence are among the two key characteristics of the company which keep it at ahead of its competitors.