The ATEAS Security platform is a comprehensive video management solution for professional IP camera systems, which focuses on fully utilizing camera potential, open standards and distributed video intelligence. ATEAS Security is capable of fully utilizing the potential of edge devices to increase camera surveillance efficiency as much as possible, including the option of connecting external systems, coordinate maps, LPR module etc.

廠商軟體版本 4.1.6 測試日期 2013/6/28 作業系統 win
串流 H.264 JPEG FPS Bitrate 聲音 輸入 輸出 PTZ功能 支援
LILIN產品韌體版本 iMEGAPRO (1.4.59)
L 系列 (1.4.59)
IP 快速球 & Server (2.0.14)
S Series (1.3.53_7)
Ultra Series (1.3.53_7)
D1 攝影機 ( 0.3.80 )