Wavestore specialize in easy to install, configure and operate open platform Linux based recorders able to simultaneously record images from any combination of analogue, IP network, 360 degree and HDcctv cameras. As one of the world's leading providers of professional digital video recording solutions, we always strive to anticipate and exceed our clients' expectations. With the loyal support of a fast growing network of installers and system integrators, Wavestore's digital video recording solutions have been installed worldwide at the heart of countless demanding projects, including ports and airports, transportation, councils, hospitals, hotels, schools, property, police and homeland security applications.

廠商軟體版本 5.3 測試日期 2013/6/21 作業系統
串流 H.264 JPEG FPS Bitrate 聲音 輸入 輸出 PTZ功能 支援
LILIN產品韌體版本 iMEGAPRO (1.4.59)
L 系列 (1.4.59)
IP 快速球 & Server (2.0.14)
S Series (1.3.53_7)
Ultra Series (1.3.53_7)
D1 攝影機 ( 0.3.80 )