Beyond the market! LILIN releases a series of AI cameras for the first time. Through the newly developed AI cameras, image recognition can be recognized directly from the edge side and transmitted the result to the back-end platform, which can significantly reduce the burden of traditional centralized or cloud computing. Furthermore, the identification can directly output through edge computing technology, reducing the delay issue and operation cost. As a result, this way can be deployed in various fields, and it will help private enterprises or government units to accelerate the implementation of smart applications.



1. Sony STARVIS 4K Ultra HD 8M High Resolution CMOS Image Sensor

2. 8MP H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC with LILIN high-performance Smart Codec video compression

3. P-iris precise aperture control and 2.8~12 mm auto-focus motorized lens

4. Supported 2D WDR and HDR wide dynamic range up to 100dB

5. Built-in AI hardware acceleration engine can support multiple AI and IVS image analysis

6. Supported IVS image analysis (Tripwire / zone / object left / object insertion / loitering / human & car detection)


7. Supported LILIN AIDA AI image analysis engine (AI ANPR / AI Parking / AI FLOW / AI SPC / AI SPD / AI CAP / AI Mask / AI SAFTY / AI FIRE)

8. Supported LILIN smart logic event function, and built-in 1 set of digital input / 1 set of output

9. Supported Onvif Profile S and Onvif Profile T

10. Provide IP68 waterproof design and IK10 vandal resistant

11. Built-in high-efficiency dual-angle infrared LED, projection distance up to 40 meters


  LILIN AIDA Functions


AIANPR — Aida Number Plate Recognition

AICarMake — Aida ANPR and Parking Violation with Car Make Recognition

AIFLOW — Aida Traffic Management

AICAP — Aida People & Car Counting for Premises Capacity

AIMask — Aida Mask Detection with Social Distance Detection

AISPC — Aida Parking Space Counting

AISPD — Aida Estimate Speed & Distance Measuring

AIFIRE — Aida Fire and Smoke Detections

AISAFTY — Aida Construction Site Safety

AIFISHTRAF — Aida Fisheye Traffic Management

AIRAIL — Aida Rail and pantograph detection

LILIN AI Customized 


In order to accelerate industrial upgrading, transformation, and connecting international integration. LILIN has created an “AI customized service” as well. With LILIN exclusive AI algorithms and smart logic functions, it not only provides different identification and detection in various areas, but also creates exclusive operation interface, output report, or integrate with other systems according to customer requirements, such as access control and fire system.


Digital Video Recorder

NDAA compliant

supported Hybrid 4/8/16 CH DVR.


supported IP & Analog.

All in one format

supported UTC AHD/ TVI/ CVI camera.

Enabling P2P connection

P2P connection via AWS(based in Oregon), iOS & Android Apps.

Cross platform

supported Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari.


Network video recorder

NDAA compliant

Main chipset is proudly made in Taiwan

Cross platform

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari supported

4K support

Up to 4K H.264 /H.265 network camera support

Easy setup

P2P QR code UID connection for APP and Navigator