Pandemic solution

The most of effective solution in detecting people who have developed higher temperature because of infection with Pandemic

Temperature Measurement Solutions

Temperature measuring cameras with high-precision temperatures can help detect increases in temperature
Temperature measuring camera can be used for high-temperature checks of employees, visitors, general population, shoppers and workers.


• Our solution allows instant and accurate face temperature monitoring simultaneously and in a continuous flow.

• Face temperature measurement – face detection with heat detection to reduce false positives by only measuring face temperature.

• One-Stop Solution - LILIN Temperature Measuring System include cameras, NVR, NAV, AI Mask Detection solution as a one-stop solution.

Mask Wearing Detection System

Mask Detection uses existing cameras to look for the faces and detect people without masks. Using LILIN AI system and Aida NAV server, the system can recognize if the person is not wearing a mask.

If the system identifies a user that he/she was not wearing a mask, an alert goes out with the picture of the person. It allows the application to run automatically and enforces the wearing of the mask. In case, the face captured by the camera is recognized, the notification is sent to the administrator.


Social Distancing


Use Aida technology for calculating people density.

Support global counters for counting people in a zone.

There are four zones available of a camera for counting density.

Alarm notification if a zone exceeds its density threshold.


LILIN Temperature Measuring Camera & (other brand)
Traditional Analogue Thermal Comparison Chart

#1 Temperature Measuring Camera

• Camera browser access with alarm audio output if temperature reaches threshold temperature.

• Face Detection to avoid false alarms. (Model no: P3T6522E2-F) •

Dual lens design, provide temperature information and color image information.

• Support high temperature alert setting, when temperature exceed defined temperature will trigger alarm.

• Support multi-point high temperature alarm setting, trigger alarm when multiple areas exceed the set temperature.

• Support face area temperature detection to avoid alarm events caused by non-face area temperature.

• Supports high-precision face temperature measurement within a distance of 50 ~ 80 cm.

• Support setting the temperature range of the measured object, and the basic temperature adjustment settings.

• Support multiple alarm output and Smart Event logic output.

• Provide complete API to integrate temperature and alarm information


#2 One-Stop Solution PoE Power Supply

• LILIN NVR can be set for temperature alarm with alarm snapshots, video playback, buzzer, and alarm video popup supported.

• Support face area temperature detection to avoid alarm events caused by non-face area temperature.

• NVR51T4E with PoE for easy installation.

• Live video with temperature OSD display.

• Face temperature measurement – face detection with heat detection.

• Support PoE and DC 12v power supply to reduce wiring problems

#3 Multiple Entries Temperature Measuring System with AI Mask Detection

• One-Stop Solution - Full Temperature Measuring System include cameras, AI Mask Detection server solution as a one-stop solution.

• NAV live video and temperature reading integrate with AI mask detection.

• Once the temperature reaches temperature threshold, NAV recorder can support alarm snapshots.

• Play pre-record warning message or trigger digital output.

• Video play and event search.


•Identify people without masks and get instant alerts

• LILIN AI Mask Detection is based on LILIN NAV recorders, Aida mask wearing detection system and Intel OpenVINO

• In a Post-pandemic era, it reduces human labor for detecting a person entering public areas

Features of LILIN AI Mask Detection System

How does it work?

Detect no mask wearing for

(1) audio notification

(2) door automation

(3) alarm IO firing

(4) gate automation

Send alert to the faces which are recognized, also set the rate of sending the alerts and detection of faces.