LILIN supports our products that are sold to customers. LILIN products are designed to meet the industrial standard at 30,000 hours MTBF. In case of a product failure related to manufacturer defect, our standard product warranties varies from one to three years. Warranty period and warranty could be different by country and region. Contact your local sales here.

Find LILIN Worldwide Service Centers

For LILIN customers, you are welcome to contact LILIN branches and distributors worldwide for returning products for repair of manufacturer defect by contacting the location found here.

Different countries of LILIN branches and distributors might have their own warranty period and warranty policy. Please contact your local branch or distributor for more detail.

Product RMA Code

LILIN branches or authorized RMA distributors contact the sales person of LILIN HQ for the product RMA code for tracking purpose.

RMA Product in Progress

For LILIN branches and distributers, you are able to find the status of your RMA product progress. Log on at LILIN Cloud, and enter the serial number code to search and locate the RMA history.

New parts that are used for the repair will have a one year parts warranty.

What are not Covered by This Product Warranty

  • Customer usage that results in accident, abuse, misuse, improper assembly, neglect, physical damages,
    missing/bent CPU pin, cracked components, or spilled liquids
  • Electrical surge or lighting strike damage
  • Natural disaster that causes damage to the product such as fire, lightning strike, earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, etc
  • Natural causes, which includes normal wear and tear, oxidation
  • Servicing not authorized by LILIN staff or authorized servicer
  • Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions
  • Failure to perform preventive maintenance
  • Failure to follow proper product installation guidelines
  • Use with accessories, parts, or components not supplied by LILIN
  • Products with missing or altered serial numbers
  • Products for which LILIN has not received payment
  • Products defective after expiration of the warranty period
  • Stolen products
  • Transport damages due to improper packaging or carrier

  • Freight Charges & Tax

    1. Freight Charges of RMA Products
    DOA: Two-way delivery cost (delivery term: CFR)
    LILIN HQ–Pay the shipping cost in both ways.
    RMA: One-way delivery cost (delivery term: FOB)
    The customer will pay the inbound freight of returned products. LILIN HQ– pay the outbound freight to the customer of repaired or replaced products.

    2. Tax of RMA Products
    Tax is paid by each party according to the trade conditions.
    Import duties:
    LILIN HQ–Pay the way when the distributor sent the goods to LILIN HQ.
    Distributor – Pay the way when importing the repaired goods from LILIN HQ back to the distributor.
    Export Duties:
    LILIN HQ–Pay the way when the repaired goods export to the distributor.
    Distributor - Pay the way when exporting the RMA goods to LILIN HQ.

    ATTENTION: Please return parts within 15 days after RMA creation. Products should be returned using an issued RMA number. Return deliveries without an RMA number cannot be accepted!

    RMA Products Packing

    All returned products must be packaged appropriately to prevent shipping damage. Provide proper electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. If items are damaged during return shipment due to insufficient packaging, LILIN reserves the right for repairing the RMA products.

    1. Use the disposable grounding wrist straps to avoid static damage when handling parts.
    2. Reuse the original packaging material to return electronic parts, and ensure that parts are placed in ESD bags and waterproofed, if applicable.
    3. Pad corners of the chassis and any boards, components, or other fragile parts with foam or paper. Please treat the return as you would expect us to treat product sent to you. Avoid strapping a chassis to a wooden pallet with little or no protection.
    4. Items not belonging to the original packaging scope (such as storage media, protection cover, sleeves etc.) are to be removed from the device return. A reconsignment of third part property sent by mistake is not possible.
    5. Write the RMA number on the outside of each returned box.
    6. The address for return deliveries is:

    RMA Department
    #20, Wu-Gong 6th RD,
    Wu-Gu, New Taipei City, Taiwan, 248

    7. Please note it may take as many as seven days for LILIN to receive your return shipment.

    Parts Ordering after Warranty Period

    LILIN branches and authorized distributors are able to apply LILIN MES system for product history. The product history of LILIN MES system can be used for searching the part number of the broken board, when a product is out of warranty period. Contact your sales contact at LILIN HQ for applying the access of LILIN MES system.