During Smart City 2.0, LILIN soon launches the Aida edge computing P7 and 7 series cameras

With the increasing development and maturity of technology, the smart Internet of Things, smart transportation, and connected car networks, which combine 5G, AI, and IoT integration applications, will lead the smart city to upgrade again.

Most of the cities are using LPWAN technology and IT technology to connect and improve their infrastructure, integrate the city's component systems and smart services to enhance the quality of life of citizens.

Following the successful launch of Aida intelligent traffic management solutions, LILIN will soon launch "Aida Edge Computing P7 and Z7 cameras", which will incorporate self-developed deep learning AI algorithms, including license plate recognition, traffic enforcement, mask detection, and social distance detection, construction site safety helmet and undershirt detection, environmental safety smoke and fire detection, pantograph detection, etc., into the 7 series cameras and PTZ cameras.

AI camera edge computing can significantly reduce the cost of AI installation, shorten the processing time of AI computing, and be flexibly used in various application scenarios, and support 4K resolution.

The AI edge computing algorithm can also be integrated into PTZ 4K cameras and provide PTZ tracking technology. For system integration, LILIN provides an alarm snapshot cloud, remote alarm reception by LILIN App, and an AI conversion cloud platform that allows AI developers to convert AI network weights and implant them in LILIN AI cameras.

LILIN provides a comprehensive solution from the perspective of general installers, start-up companies, software developers, and even camera manufacturers.

Smart City 2.0 organized by EE Times Taiwan on this coming September of 30th from 14.30 to 15.10, LILIN representative Mr. Steve Hu (CIO) will be presenting our new solution of “The Era of Edge Camera Computing, 5G, and Cloud Computing” with this LILIN will soon launch "Aida Edge Computing P7 and Z7 cameras" too.

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