IP Camera

LILIN offers a complete camera lines that serve multiple functions with different highlights. We provide a wide range of high-quality cameras for the applications in a various industries. In combination of features including ultra high resolution, HDR, and ultra high frame rate, you can always get the clearest image quality, even at low light condition. Our Intelligent Video Surveillance also offers enhanced video analytic features such as advanced motion detection in a customized area, face detection, object counting, alarm detection, and many more.

IP Camera (Features & Applied Industries)

Series Ultra Series S Series Z Series Pro Series M Series L Series
Feature 120fps 30fps 60fps 60fps 30fps 15fps 30fps 15fps 12fps 30fps 20fps 15fps
Advanced IVS                    
Low light                  
Auto Focus                  
Industries Casinos, Banking & Finance, Factories, City surveillance, Sport… Transportation, Industrial, Critical infrastructure, Government… Transportation, Critical infrastructure, Factory… Retail, Education, Healthcare, Hotel & Restaurant, Commerical… Retail, Commercial, Hotel & Restaurants, Residental… Retail, Restaurants…


LILIN provides cost-effective standalone NVR for various recording applications. With LILIN’s NVR you have a hassle-free and easy-to-install solution. Our NVR supports large storage capacity with a built-in high-quality H.264 decoder that can deliver 4K/5MP/3MP/1080p/720p/D1/VGA/CIF IP camera streams. With multiple control methods, you feel easy and comfortable to navigate the system, which helps you to handle and solve any possible problem timely and efficiently.

Navigator Software

As technology is developing fast, software also evolves to provide more capabilities. As a powerful server, LILIN Navigator 2.0 offers many advanced functionality, empowering our customers to apply from an entry-level to a more complicated project. In addition, our software enables you to easily trace numbers on the receipts (ePOS), identify the license plate (ANPR), and recognize a human face (Face Recognition). Navigator software is a simple and easy-to-use solution that will fit all your needs.

Navigator 2.0 VMS

Model NAV Lite NAV Enterprise NAV Corporate
Record Channel Max 36 108 108
Live Channel Max 36 36 36
Streaming out Supported 200 channels 200 channels
2-way Audio
Advanced alarm management   4 options 4 options
ANPR Plug-in   Optional Optional
ONVIF support  
POS, ATM, access control  
IP cam SD card or NVR file sync  
2x2 TVWall & decoder TV wall  
Archiving & failoverr  
Edge IVS & edge people counting  
NVR P2P connection  
NAV control center    

Navigator 2.0 CMS

Model NAV Client NAV Control Center
OS 64-bits 64-bits
Channel Max 36 144
Split screen 1-36 1-144
Audio capability (1-way)
Async playback for same camera
Sync playback from servers
Centralized device management
Centralized user management  
Centralized alarm management  
POS, ATM, access control  
Advanced alarm management  
ANPR Plug-in  
Edge IVS & edge people counting  
NVR P2P connection  
Mosaic TV wall  
ONVIF support