LILIN VMS system upgrade! Newly released Navigator Control Center 3.0 series products

Taipei, Taiwan — May 7, 2021 —

LILIN has been actively optimizing customer experience in recent years, and is committed to upgrading the VMS system! LILIN now released Navigator Control Center 3.0 (NCC 3.0) video management software, dedicated to managing tens of thousands of cameras. Through NCC 3.0 management system, it integrates NVR/DVP, IP cameras, TV wall, facial recognition system, Pos system, and license plate recognition system, which is convenient uses to one-stop central management. Compare to the previous version, it strengthens the following functions.

  One-stop central management: Users can deal with various operating problems such as device connection, recording, screen connection, password error, and network disconnection in real-time.

Easy to use: The IP address can be set in batches, the password is easy to set, and the simple screen can be dragged or dropped at any time and changed dynamically, and the CGI communication command can be established by itself.

Keep information at any time: support snapshot management.

        ● Graphical management: integrates E-map management and supports chart reports.

        ● Support multiple functions: Provide remote playback and backup, and support fisheye and PTZ cameras.

Besides, in terms of video streaming, it supports a variety of video streams to meet high-quality and network bandwidth requirements such as H.265/H.264/JPEG and high-low dual-streaming modes. Moreover, other brands of cameras can use ONVIF or RTSP to be compatible as well.

In terms of system integration, it can support license plate and face recognition to trigger alarm external devices. Alarm external devices include: preset points of PTZ cameras, LILIN’s access control systems, camera digital output, DB052 PoE IO alarm output, POS Equipment integration, GPS fleet management, edge computing Aida P7 and Z7 series photography integration, AI identification, report statistics, and alarm triggering, etc.

“We have accumulated a lot of equipment integration experience in VMS image management. NCC 3.0 can provide users with the convenience of one-stop purchase in the image management system, and installers can easily solve the problems of system integration. For projects that manage thousands of cameras or more Can be more convenient.” Said by Steve Hu, Chief Information Officer at LILIN.

If you need to purchase or to learn more about the NCC 3.0 VMS system, please contact LILIN’s sales:


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