Ministry of transportation builds 5G smart transportation test filed.
LILIN supports government to carry out law enforcement.

Taipei, Taiwan — December 23, 2020 —

With the advent of the new 5G generation, its high-speed, low latency, and multi-connection characteristics combined with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technologies will drive new business opportunities in AIoT, such as smart city, industrial automation, and AI software. According to the IEK Consulting report of Industrial Technology Research Institute, the overall 5G market will grow from USD 4.3 billion in 2019 to USD 230.3 billion in 2023. The CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is up to 171%.

In order to realize smart life, the Ministry of transportation has formulated a new “smart transportation system development and construction plan” from 2021-2024 and will invest the budget to promote the plan, including the test filed of 5G smart transportation in Danhai new town to strengthen the development of 5G and Internet of the Vehicle industry. At the event site, LILIN and other manufactories were invited to participate in the conference. The government expects that each vendor can bring out the best in its field to lead Taiwan’s smart transportation industry into a new era of 5G and gain a competitive advantage in the global market.

Photo1: Ministry of Transportation promotes 5G smart transportation test filed in Danhai new town, expecting to accelerate industrial upgrading, transformation and connecting international integration.

“2020 is the first year of 5G in Taiwan, we hope to launch 5G smart transportation test filed to improve public’s quality of life, but also to combine Taiwan’s technical ability in the fields of information and communication to seize the business growth opportunities.” said by Lin, Chia-Lung, Minister of transportation.
“Traffic congestion has been a long problem for the public and the government. LILIN uses an AI imaging system to create a complete smart traffic management solution, including violation detection, queuing detection, license plate recognition, and traffic flow management. It not only provides timely vehicle route but effectively executes city traffic management as well.” Said by Jack Wu, project manager from LILIN.

 Photo2: LILIN displays AI smart traffic management solution at event site. Applications include parking violation detection, queuing detection, average speed detection, etc., effectively solving problems of city traffic congestion.

LILIN displays its object classification and recognition system through AIDA technology at the event site. With 5G’s high speed and low latency and AI intelligent analysis system, LILIN Aida software can detect vehicles and pedestrians, providing counting and stay time detection. AIDA also provides traffic issue solutions including parking violation detection, queuing detection, average speed detection via LILIN VMS, and traffic statistics management. Besides, it not only can Integrate the AI vehicle detection system and the alert area to trigger recording, send snapshots with ANPR when violations are detected but also can effectively analyze the capacity of humans and cars in a premises area and provide traffic flow statistics for the control of traffic signals.

In addition, to support smart policy, LILIN will also focus on expanding new AI business opportunities, such as construction site safety and fire detection. LILIN is working hand-in-hand with government and enterprises. It will continue to deepen the application of AI technology in the future, and realize smart life for the people.

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