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  Technical FAQ

  Q00078 NVR Touch Series Product FAQUpdate 2013-04-19
Troubleshooting and FAQ of NVR Touch Series. 327,257 Bytes

  Q00087Update 2013-01-30
Comparison of iMEGAPRO and L Series. 120,760 Bytes

  Q00086Update 2012-12-12
Localization of CMX Software HD 3.6 224,197 Bytes

  Q00083Update 2012-11-23
Language localization for iMegaLite 493,812 Bytes

  Q00081Update 2012-10-17
Standard procedures verifying Windows 7 PC settings for best CMX performance 942,154 Bytes

  Q00080Update 2012-09-19
iPhone and CMX Software 377,585 Bytes

  Q00079Update 2012-09-19
Managing multiple NVRs via one touch screen monitor 340,697 Bytes

  Q00076Update 2012-08-15
Should I use Internet IP addresses or LAN (local area network) IP addresses for IP cameras accessed by LAN NVR Touch series? What is the best network configuration? 402,483 Bytes

  Language localization for NVR Touch series.Update 2012-07-21
Language localization for NVR104 / NVR109 / NVR116 / NVR404C / VD022 4,388,582 Bytes

  Q00074Update 2012-07-07
The E-mail SMTP settings of LILIN iMEGAPRO IP Camera for Yahoo and Gmail 195,535 Bytes

  Q00072Update 2012-04-09
How to use Live Cams Pro (Eggman Technologies Inc.) with LILIN IP cameras and DVRs on iPhone mobile platform. 241,916 Bytes

  Q00070Update 2012-03-12
How to copy entire HDD files of DVR into a Windows PC’s local drive. 647,428 Bytes

  Q00069Update 2012-03-08
Preformance Testing of CMX Software HD 36 218,159 Bytes

  Q00067Update 2012-02-15
Large size 2TB and 4K sector HDDs support list 291,464 Bytes

  Q00041Update 2011-12-21
How to use IP Cam Viewer/IP Cam Viewer Lite with LILIN IP Cameras and DVRs on Android mobile platform 537,784 Bytes

  Q00062Update 2011-10-07
LILIN Sense-Up Technology 403,776 Bytes

  Q00059Update 2011-09-16
How to Browse Live Video of DVR 3 Series and 5 Series via Apple Mac PC. 1,105,917 Bytes

  Q00058Update 2011-07-27
How to configure the graphic card setting for CMX Software HD of Windows 7 platform to gain the best performance. 518,904 Bytes

  Q00055Update 2011-07-26
How to browse live video of LILIN’s IP Cameras and DVRs on various browsers or applications of mobile phones. 774,509 Bytes

  Q00054Update 2011-06-13
Preformance Testing of CMX Software 3.2 277,121 Bytes

  Q00053Update 2011-05-12
LILIN ONVIF VMS Software Feature Support Matrix 186,321 Bytes

  Q00052Update 2011-05-09
How to use LILIN QuickSupport for remote LILIN IP products maintenance via a desktop. 393,261 Bytes

  Q00050Update 2011-05-06
How to use LILIN Web Site Project Design Tool 410,789 Bytes

  Q00049Update 2011-03-01
Lens comparison of IPG012 HD IP camera 655,255 Bytes

  Q00048 Update 2011-02-28
How to use Network Attached Storage (NAS) for CMX Software HD 3.2 599,420 Bytes

  Q00043Update 2011-01-15
LILIN ONVIF VMS Software Feature Support Matrix 141,725 Bytes

  Q00040 Update 2011-01-12
Supported external USB DVD/RW drive on DVR304, DVR308, DVR316, and NDR104
 240,000 Bytes

  Q00039Update 2011-01-11
How To Use LILIN DDNS. 624,961 Bytes

  Q00038 Update 2011-01-10
How to enable UPnP on Windows 7 and Vista for SX series IP Cameras 212,000 Bytes

  Q00037Update 2011-01-09
Sense Up technology 393,000 Bytes

  Q00036 Update 2011-01-08
Access live video on Apple Mac 187,000 Bytes

  Q00035Update 2011-01-07
Live video on iPad 194,000 Bytes

  Q00034Update 2011-01-06
PoE & PoE+ switch selection guide 439,811 Bytes

  Q00032Update 2011-01-04
Quick installation guide for the use Milestone XProtect 7.0b with LILIN H.264 ONVIF Cam 948,000 Bytes

  Q00031Update 2011-01-03
How to use VLC to play network stream for LILIN’s H.264 IP cameras 425,000 Bytes

  Q00029Update 2011-01-02
How to embed QuickTime player into an HTML web page for live video of IP cameras 109,000 Bytes

  Q00028Update 2011-01-01
How to browse JPEG streaming if H.264 IP Cameras via FireFox and Safari 66,000 Bytes